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Hello !

> Hello from Bryansk,
> I have two questions. I am an American living here, and I am thinking 
> about purchasing a satellite system in order to receive English language 
> programs.
> 1. Is it possible to receive the "Sky" programming package from Astra 
> here in our area of Russia, if one has a "legal" decoder for this 
> service? What type of equipment would be necessary?
> 2. Do you know where in Moscow that I can purchase a copy of the latest 
> Telesatellite magazine in English/German? And the same for the Russian 
> language Telesatellit mag?
> Thanks for your help,
> Kevin
> -*-*-*-*-*-*-
> Kevin Edwards
> SEND International
> Bryansk, Russia

Well, the only channel of the SKY package, which currently can be
received in Moscow, is SKY Entertainment from Intelsat 707 at
1 west. This is a Nordic version, and it can be received with dish
no larger then 1.2-1.5m. You will need also a D2-MAC/Eurocrypt
decoder and a pirate smartcard, or, in case you would like it to
be official, an official card for the CTV package, but only
a resident of Scandinavian countries can get an official card.

Sky channels from Astra satellites at 19.2 East generally 
do not reach Central Russia. Maximum you can get from 
19.2 East is Astra 1E, with 1.5-1.8m dish you will be
able to watch some Sky/Granada channels and several
SKY PPV services. With a dish larger then 2.5m 
(but I do not guarantee this), some channels from Astra 1C
might be visible (like Sky One, Discovery Channel, MTV UK).

New Astra position 28.2 East with digital BSkyB service
there will not help you a lot aswell. Currently located
at 28.2 East, Astra 1D requires dishes larger then 2.5m
for its reception. Astra 2A, which will be launched later
this year, will replace Astra 1D at 28.2 East, and
somehow increase signal strength in Central Russia
(but still only horizontal tps will be receiveable
with minimum dish size of 1.5m).

So my advice is - wait till Astra 2A is launched
and prepare to subscribe to BSkyB digital
service, in case you want to receive SKY channels.

With TELE-Satellite magazine in Russia - 
several companies are about to re-distribute
our magazine in Russia soon, but no serious
deals have been made so far. The best way
to get TELE-Satellite magazine - is to subscribe.
In Russia you can do it at any post office
using offical Russian "ROSPECHAT" press 
catalogue. Our index in this catalogue
is 47585. You just have to fill a simple form,
pay for the subscription at the post office,
and you will then receive the issues you 
ordered. Subscription using "ROSPECHAT"
catalogue is the only way you can
subscribe to TELE-Satellite in Russia.
Also, there is no different regional versions of 
TELE-Satellite in the world. TELE-Satellite
is the same in Russia, Brazil, Australia
or whereever else.

Best wishes
DX Nickolas
Head of SATCO DX Rus
Editor of TELE-Satellit
Moscow, Russia

e-mail: rus@satcodx.com

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