An Introduction.

Welcome to sat-australia.
Because we are down under we are doing it in reverse.
This was the introduction you were to have received when you signed up.
If you are a new subscriber after the 14 July you may have a repeat of this
1st of July .(A lie here)
This did not make it till the 14 July
A new financial year for Australia and a new government for Hong Kong.
Sat Australia will probably start slowly and gather momentum as
Satellite Trekkers become familiar with  its existence.
The interest here is to cater for Australian and Asian viewers.
NOT to forget New Zealand either. I am married to one of them.
They also have a great Satellite Magazine as well.
There will be weekly newsletters to start with and the frequency should
increase as news develops.
I will endeavour to make this an interesting Newsletter.
All the Best.


Not to completely waste your time her are a few viewing highlights over the
last few days.
Mongolian TV on Asiasat 2. Saturday and Sunday.
You would have seen something that looks like Sumo wrestling Mongolian style.
Yes it was and there was a horse race across the dessert and first prize
was a TV set.
If you saw anything on your local news it would have lasted 20 seconds, but
this was your opportunity to see the
weekend sports in detail. It is apparently an annual event.

CNN on PAS 2 and Palapa gave us a good running commentary of the Mars
landing and an all too brief view of the 3-D pictures they had taken on the
surface. If you were like me and saw Freddys Dead a Friday the 13 type
movie you would have had a pair of those red and green 3D glasses to wear.
The mars picture did look impressive on the
TV screen and features did show up as raised objects.
Another place to view space goings on is on Worldnet on Asiasat 2 and
Intelsat 511.

Hey! I rattled Christian Lyngemark's chains the other day and told him that
Deutche Welle had departed from Intelsat 511 and I indicated that a lot of
other stations were not there either.(Because I can't see them.)
Dont give him erroneous information because you get marked in his little
black book.
Dont bother to tell him that EMTV is in the clear either because tomorrow
it will be encrypted again.
If you can please let one of us know so as the chart can be updated.
He can be contacted at webmaster@satcodx.com or website
There is some info in THAT NZ satellite magazine.(Yes! it is good.)
Who knows the pids and fec's for the New Zealand channels there. I need
this info for myself so as I can justify
spending all these 1000's of dollars to my wife.
Can they be seen in OZ?(That's local slang for Australia to everyone else.)

The feeds on PAS 2 should be checked regularly as there is always something
of interest there.

ANTvee on Palapa gives you the grand prix when it happens as does RFO in
I can watch it after it happens (about 2 hours later) on local TV and they
tell me it is live.
They must run the race again for local TV.

You can watch early versions of Warner Brothers cartoons on Indonesian TV
WW 2 .
It is interesting to see Daffy duck beating Adolf  Hitler over the head
with a baseball bat.
I didn't even know he knew him. Winston Churchill gets a mention as do a
lot of other politically
incorrect caracters and events. They are worth a look as they are socially
unacceptable in todays climate.

The China handover was well covered on chinese television.
That of course has returned to normal now and we have to wait till the next
big event to happen.
NHK PAS2 has Akebono and others with real sumo wrestling.
Watch NHK and learn about that and how to grow VERY BIG.

Thats all for now , please let me know what you can see so as I can go
green with envy.
Why do I watch all these things that no supposedly sane human watches?
Well it is because I can.
Cheers for now.


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