Feeds and more feeds.

I have been hiding under a rock lately.
I have been waiting for something dramatic or even exciting to happen, but
nothing happened apart from the subtle spread of THE SHOPPING NETWORK.

Basically this is what I have seen over the last week or so.
Intelsat 511 180 deg E or W
3720 R NTSC 6.6 mhz sound
CNN News Source.
Well It was that for about a week but the last 2 or three days programming
changed to CNNI and now it looks more like CNN  news service from the
states. It carries all US advertising as well.
There are breaks with news feeds as required.

RFO Tahiti has appeared a little stronger and the lure of the islands is
there with some of the local advertising.
Lazy balmy days and nights on the beach in Tahiti instead of winter in
Adelaide or even worse Melbourne.
They do have trams over there AND they have the Grand Prix AND the Crown
Casino AND Jeff Kennett.
(For the rest of the world he is an Australian politician.)
I suppose September will see musical satellites as the theme. Players
I511,701 and 702.
Who else has been watching the feeds on I 701 and 702?
There are regular feeds from Hong-kong to Japan, and even the occasional 10
o'clock news from HK.

The latest event being aired by everyone at the moment is 50 years of
independence for India.
For this area the next event will be the SEA games I suppose.

I believe all space is taken up on this satellite and feed activity is
Pas 2
3780 V Pal & NTSC Feed 6.8 mhz sound. Panamsat Napa Feed.
This has been used for various sports feeds and sometimes has 3 or 4 other
sound feeds as well
Most notable has been the feed for The Brazil soccer tour.No commentary but
all crowd noises. If you select two or three sound channels you get real
surround sound.
There have been weekly medical seminars, company reports and motivational
speakers on this feed as well.

4058 V Pal and NTSC Panamsat Napa feed.
Only colour bars and identification seen so far.
Sound frequencies vary as do the transmission standards.Usually Pal or
NTSC. I have seen SECAM though.
It would appear that the feeds listed on 3740 are in fact 3743.
TVSN is on the vertical transponder and the Panamsat Napa feed that is used
is 3743 H Tp2c Upper.This was the identification before the PGA Golf
Thursday morning.
The golf had English commentary on 6.6mhz and general audio (crowd noise)
on 6.8mhz.
The Brazilian soccer had 5 such audio channels.No commentary at all.
To get the score you had to watch the game or get the commentary on short
wave radio about 2 mins later.
It was a little strange trying that exercise.

The above comments apply to most feeds on Pas 2 and feeds on other
satellites as well, especially the Optus birds.

Palapa C2
3880 H 6.8 PAL
A.B.C. TV International has apparently changed it's name. Also it has a new
The yellow Lissajous figure has gone and is replaced with an orange ring
with a map of Australia in the middle.
I think it is now called Australian Television.(Somebody else will correct
me if I am wrong).
It is all to do with the new corporate image. I have forgotten but didn't
Ch 7 buy into it.

Around to EMTV.Yes it is still encrypted. SO  IS   T H E   SHOPPING CHANNEL.
Maybe they sell things more cheaply on Gorizont? Keep that a secret!!
You can watch TVSN Free to air on Pas 2 NTSC, Optus b3 in the Galaxy boquet
MPEG 2, Palapa c2 ABC TV PAL.
24 hours a day on Asiasat 2 PAL.
If you cannot receive all these channels THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG with your
system assuming you can steer your dish and own the appropriate receiving
My Hyundai regularly tells me.

		No Signal!
 	    Check your feed and settings.

I have 4 receivers hooked up to my dish and sometimes I get it wrong too.

Pas 2.
Is it my imagination or have most of the signals improved over the last
couple of months?
It is a bit sad though my spies tell me that if you live in NZ you only get
a 2 deg look angle at Asiasat 2.
In South Australia it is about 45 deg.

Hallmark TVhas started tests on Asiasat 2 with a test on 1 channel of sound
only at the moment?
Does anybody get a picture from this signal?
Patrick Middleton in Geelong can load the info but gets nothing else.
I get sound and no picture.
Who can see TVNZ in Australia?
Does anybody live further east than Melbourne?
Does anybody live in Queensland?
Yes I know people live in NZ , they send me e.mail.

Thats all folks!
See ya next time.

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Sturt Road
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