Some real Info here.

Mark Fahey sent me the following info and I am greateful to him for it.
If you have any snippetts to relate please let me know and I will put it in
the news letter.
That makes it news and not just my jaundiced view of life without Asiasat 3.
Are the Russians trying to beat the Chinese at their own game?

On the PAS2 Napa digital feeds 3940/1210Hz, 2/3, 6620 there are NBA (USA
Basketball) feeds regularly. The programming is usually either Turner (TBS
Superstation & TNT) or FOX. I don't have the schedule for the games FOX is
covering but here are the dates for the games being covered by TNT & TBS.

All date are the US date, so for Australian viewers the game is the day
following the date listed here. The games are broadcast live so the
broadcast time depends where in the USA the game is being played. A game on
the east coast would normally start around midday Sydney Summer time. The
broadcast usual begins about 30 minutes prior to the game. Highlights
normally follow the game.

For anyone who to be really scientific about it - the games start at 8PM in
the city they are being played. The second city in the list is the location
of the game eg: on the 13th of January Seattle and New York play in New York
at 8 PM. That means the game starts in Sydney time at midday on the 14th of

This Napa feed is used to send in the BBC Evening News bulletins during the
Sydney breakfast hours. Once the BBC programs are finished the Napa Candy
Bars go up with details of what time the NBA feed will start.

January 1998

06th        LA Lakers & Vancouver
07th        Chicago & Miami
09th        Chicago & New York
13th        Seattle & Chicago
14th        San Antonio & Washington
16th        Orlando & Phoenix
20th        Seattle & Dallas
21st        LA Lakers & Phoenix
23rd        Orlando & Miami
27th         Detroit & Milwaukee
28th        New York & Miami
30th        Washingtom & Detroit

February 1998

03rd        Atlanta & Orlando
04th        Chicago & Utah
                Portland & LA Lakers
10th        Seattle & Houston
11th        Seattle & San Antonio
13th        Detroit & Miami
17th        Detroit & San Antonio
18th        New York & Utah
20th        Houston & Minnesota
24th        Miami & Utah
25th        LA Lakers & Indiana
27th        LA Lakers & Minnesota

March 1998

03rd        Seattle & Miami
04th        Utah & Boston
10th        Miami & Chicago
11th        Indiana    & Detroit
17th        Chicago & Indiana
18th        Utah & Charlotte
24th        Phoenix & Utah
25th        Chicago & Orlando
27th        Houston & Orlando
31st        Detroit & Chicago

April 1998

01st        Boston & Orlando
03rd        LA Lakers & Cleveland
07th        New York & Atlanta
08th        Miami & New York
10th        Atlanta & Charlotte
14th        Washington & New York
15th        Chicago & Detroit
17th        Houston & Minnesota

Well that is a nice bit of info to put under the fridge magnet with the
childrens paintings and calenders for last year.
Ok !!
Next a note from Patrick Middleton in Geelong who has been very industrious
as well.
I will post Patrics' email as it was received.
I also have put 2 attachments with the email as an experiment.
If they work or dont work please let me know as it would be nice to
occasionallysend pictures to illustrate a point.
So as I can sift through all the bits I have and get the ask-bevin segment
a t Dr. Dish up and running there will be a few short sat- aust's to keep
you informed. When I find out more I will let you know but there is a 2.27
upgrade for the Hyundai coming out shortly.
Cheers for the time being,

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