Changes in the wind?

Well there has been a bit of activity over the past week.
Tony Cooke and Patrick Middleton tell me that there was a station shuffle
on Palapa C2 about a week ago that lasted for about 1/2 an hour. Things
then settled back to normal.

How did Mothers Day go?
Other secretive happenings over the weekend.
I 701

3720  R      NBC News Channel (Programme feeds.) 6.00 6.18 stereo and 6,80mhz
             mono sound. Polarity has not changed.
             Not CNN at the moment and sound has shifted.
             Encoding and NTSC are still the same.
             Well! NTSC is always the same.....
3720  R      KLOS FM is still there 5.38 5.56 stereo sound

The CBS ABC vidiplex and cut and rotate encoded channel is still there but
it has the same sound on 5.7 5.88 stereo and mono on 6.1 6.3 and 6.65 mhz.
I do not have the frequency written down here  but it and the polarity
remain unchanged.

Pas 2

3790 V    This frequency is out. The new frequency below.
3780 V    Panamsat Napa colour bars 6.00 6.18 mhz stereo sound 6.8 mhz mono

4025 V    Panamsat Napa colour bars 6.00 6.18 mhz stereo sound 6.8 mhz mono

Palapa C2

4080 H    CFI video has been on this frequency for 4 days now with muted sound.
          It is a PAL signal. Herbalife has not been seen at all. I will check
          this again tonight. (Monday)

I am trying to identify a satellite at about 80 deg that has  the following
frequencies in use.

3710    VTV1 Vietnam 6.6 sound Pal.
3883    A pal signal and could be Myanmar or Singapore.
It seems like a Gorizont altough it seems a bit too far west.
I know Myanmar is on Tc3 but that is a very strong signal and further west.
How well do you receive CETV off Apstar 1? It is S 3 here in Adelaide.

It is interesting that with all these subtle changes we may see some major
ones again. Check some of those frequencies they are only as good as my
E&OE. remeber! You had better go and help mum find Hallmark now.

Cheers for now,

 copyright May 1998 by Bevin BODEN.

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