Umm! Crass Journalism isn't umm dead!

Umm! Crass Journalism isn't umm dead!

Joanne Woodward returned triumphant to Britain after a harrowing court case
in America! There was a press conference organised at Manchester
International Airport to allow the press to hear a statement and take group
photographs. Apparently they would be able to take family snapshots at the
the Woodward residence if they behaved themselves. This umm took over half
an hour of agonising Sky Televisions'  live coverage of the return of Joan
umm Woodward to Britain.Crass journalism is still alive and well; I suppose
the tabloids are surviving also.The stage managed press conference was an
exercise in frivolity and satisfied no one. If we must create news let us
be original and not stretch out a non event such as this.  In the ten
minutes she was on Joanne  Woodward said umm more than 40 times, I lost
count after that.  Ok she is young and inexperienced? in front of a press
barrage, I will allow her that saving grace. After the interview her words
were repeated by two different reporters and captions were put up at the
same time in case you did not understand what the reporters were saying.  I
think we rubbish Rupert a little too much sometimes but there are times
when some of his organisations deserve a well earned serve! It all looked
like a great put up job to me. That was British Sky News viewable on most
satellites by subscription. Ted Turners' lot appear to have more class even
if they use American accents.
"Umm well I am glad to be back home. Umm I am not being paid for any
interviews". That is how Joanne Woodward presented herself.

This little gem comes from Peter Klanowskis' so called newsletter.
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to copy the line and resend the message.with the password. Peter assembles
all the press releases concerning satellite tv that he sees on the internet
and bundles them up and sends one almost daily as his workload permits. If
Iput out one daily I would soon have no customers.. Newsload and the lack
of it is the operative phrase here.If you search around the TeleSatellite,
Dr Dish and Sat City web sites there are other information servers for
satellite TV that you may be interested in. Sat-Me: Sat Middle East is one
site that has comprehensive happenings of Middle East and south of the
equator information to the west of us.Because these satellites cover Europe
there is information on what is viewable there also.

This article was sent to me by Patrick Middleton  and altough it has been
around the net Sat Australia gives you a fresh regurgitation. Some of you
may not have read it yet.
If you have not guessed it  this is one of those newsletters where I tie up
all the loose ends; another "Bits and Pieces."

Telstra Unveils Satellite Comms Plans for Australia
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, 1998 JUN 1 (Newsbytes) -- By Sylvia Dennis,
 Telstra has taken the wraps off plans to service the data, voice, and
Internet needs of customers outside of metro Australia using satellite

I can see lots of little offset dishes in somebodys future.

According to Telstra, the initiative is pan-Australian and will involve
many millions of dollars. The company has enlisted the support of several
key vendors, notably Scientific Atlanta, Hughes/Ericsson, and Gilat,(or is
that Gillette?) to assist it in rolling out its new network.

Gerry Moriarty, Telstra's group managing director, said that plans call for
the satellite delivery system to be fully functional across Australia by
the end of the year.

Seems very quick.

According to Moriarty, the deployment of the satellite delivery systems
will strengthen Telstra's existing mix of radio, optical fiber, and copper
delivery systems.

Are we going to use those leos or meos;  maybe deos.(Distant Earth Orbiting
Satelites.  Sat Australia.)

"Importantly, Telstra's multi-million dollar investment is about `putting
the outback in front,' boosting access to information, electronic commerce,
and key services like health and education," he said.

What about me? I live in a Capital City Adelaide: (The one in South
Australia Foxtel) and I am not eligible to receive ANY kind of pay
television. I need a high performance antenna to receive a ghost free image
of terrestial tv as well. I live in a strong signal area but there is
ghosting off the hills to the south of me. When the OAF bouquet goes its
back to Palapa C2 and Asiasat 2. Without EMTV.

Moriarty went on to say that Telstra has spent up to A$10 billion ($6.7
billion) installing a solid communications infrastructure for country
Australia over the past 13 years.

It would only cost $300 to give me cable, don't worry about any one else.

"Of this A$10 billion, a total of A$3.7 billion ($2.5 billion) has directly
benefited rural and remote customers. Indeed during this period, Telstra's
investment per customer in country areas is nearly 50 percent more than
metropolitan customers," he said.


"Looking ahead, combined universal service obligations and a plan to invest
A$300 million ($202 million) in the next three years, Telstra anticipates
investing around A$1 billion ($673 million) in country Australia in the
current year," he added.

According to Moriarty, the company remains "committed" to country Australia.

"This means that country customers can look forward to enjoying
communications comparable with those enjoyed in major cities," he said,
adding that the satellite Internet access is designed to allow the firm's
customers to receive Internet data at burst speeds of between 300 and
400,000 bits per second.

I can't even subscribe to Zak Net. Thats on Asiasat 2.

Moriarty went on to say that Telstra has already invested billions of
dollars rolling out a network which stretches from the snowfields to the

Doesn't go past my house.

"Building a network that covers the vast expanses of Australia is not an
easy undertaking. Staff often have to overcome many logistical obstacles in
inaccessible areas without roads, electricity or water," he said.

Yes but they can't get past protesters in the city.
Another little story now!
One of the protesters that was a leading light against the cable rollout by
Optus and Telstra is in a similar predicament to me. They wanted a service
and were told that they were unable to supply it due to the opposition of
SOME residents of that area.  If that person jumps up and down enough and
they give special dispensation for a service; GUESS who else will jump up
and down. The people concerned felt really good about notifying the
applicant  and thought Justice has been done.

Telstra's Web site is at http://www.telstra.com.au .

I wonder wether Moriarty is the same one that is featured in the Goon Show
12.10 PM Saturdays on Your A.B.C. To overseas viewers that is The
Australian Broadcasting Corporation ; our  government owned national radio
He is probably in real estate.

Rupert Murdochs henchmen have had their day again.  Revenge I am sure.
I was made an example of in the Adelaide Sunday Mail the other day. There
is a rather large picture of me on page 30 of the paper in a feature about
Drive in Theatres.  I was the projectionist on the night they wrote the
article. Refer Sat Australia "A Magazine Revue!" There was no mention of
Sat Australia.

I knew if I left it long enough something would happen to the world of
The OAF bouquets have been evened up a bit.
The preview channel and CMT have joined BBC, TVSN,CNBC et al to make two
more even bouquets.  Possibly something to do with whatever the final
arrangement will be.  As sure as death and taxes there is more shuffling to
Apstar 2 R seems to be getting loaded up with channels but nothing in it
for Australia.
Big event, Animal Planet starts on Pas 2 26 June.Forget it!!. Discovery
Channel Power-Vu encoded.
Another one.   I read that it is reliable to say that the Chinese SCPCs
will always be there and also the analogue services on Palapa C2. I note in
the last 12 months 4 analogue services have disappeared from Palapa C2 as
have 3 analogue and 2 digital SCPCs. This does not include WTN, EMTV,Sky
News (and yesterday the Star TV bouquet on 3700: Not a real loss to down
under.) and soon to be Hallmark and KIBC. This is all leading to people
getting interested in ebcryption methods and what to do about them. I do
not support safecrackers and their hobby but it becomes frustrating when
you cant subscribe to something that has only limited interest. EMTVs
troubles started when Warner Brothers representatives saw their product
being aired in a Motel in New Zealand. I doubt that WB got any more money
out of that exercise. I saw an interesting demo the other day where a
secure data stream was decoded on a Media 100 and that was using the
popular Norton disc reading tool to look at data stream headers and compare
them with a similar FTA signal.It was change a few numbers and resend the
picture through a receiver to see it unscrambled. One thing floated by me
was try another set of modified chips in the Hyundai or load up the old
Nokia with rewritten software and away you go. Sounds easy but it is not!
Another machine this can be done on apparently is the Avid. How long before
the humble PC of your choice will do all this. It is happening now on a
limited scale but all these ideas gather momentum. Then the soft encryption
will become harder.

And straight from the horses mouth and I can confirm these as well.
From The daily reports of Satco Dx.
With thanks to Christian Lyngemark  for their use.

--- Asiasat 2:  http://www.satcodx.com/asia2.shtml
The package on 3,700 V has ceased.
The provider of the packages on 3,744 V and 3,900 V is ISkyB.
Altough these do not affect us greatly as far as content goes Star TV has
its own administrative problems. Indian Sky Broadcasting would be the
latest with regular interference from the Indian Government.

--- Thaicom 3:  http://www.satcodx.com/thai78.shtml
VTV 4 (Vietnam) has left 3,649 H (PAL), no transmissions
since Monday.
(H Room)
VTV 3 Vietnam has a service on 12.666 V Mpeg 2that does not cover Australia.
Another one bites the dust. VTV 4 is on Measat 1 at 91.5 deg e.3710 H PAL.
You need heaps of imagination to watch it though, S2 to S3 on the 15 footer
in South Australia.

--- Apstar 2R:  http://www.satcodx.com/apstar2r.shtml
Hallmark seems to have started regular transmissions on 3,720 H,
(H Room)
I have not checked this one yet but I suspect it probably does not serve us
well.  Maybe this is where Hallmark will finish up if it leaves Asiasat 2.

A first Birthday Celebration now;  and to celebrate it Telesatellite have
made available one of their magazines as a prize. This is worth $30.00
Australian at the moment and could be even more valuable if the Ozzie
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I know you; my readers are all broke and have no money but when you have
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Remember Errors and omissions excepted. Thats what E&OE means.
Spellink and typink mnistakse are a hazard here.

Well as Warner Brothers say...

Thats all folks!!

Cheers for now,

 June 1998 Bevin BODEN and TeleSatellite.

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