All the time, changes

Well after a short absence I am at it again. I had a week away in Alice
Springs showing some New Zealand friends around. They came to Australia
this time in the premise I would show them the desolate and uninhabited
outback and the red hot and dry centre of Australia. What they saw was the
green cold and wet centre and tourists running around the not so desolate
inhabited outback. There were people everywhere Ayers Rock had waterfalls
running off it and the normally dry Todd River in Alice Springs was
starting to flow. While I was doing this teams of technicians on the ground
were keeping geostationary satellites serviceable and changes were
happening all the time.

Peter Klanowski was churning out Sat-Nd. Christian Lyngemark was Updating
Satco-Dx. Henk Room and Sat-Middle East were seeing more changes than than
we have channels to watch. And I was having a holiday.
I wonder what would happen if Christian and Peter went on extended
vacations? Can you imagine no satellite updates for 3 weeks?

Here are some of those changes I missed. Thanks to Satco Dx.

--- Intelsat 702 at 177E: http://satcodx.com/i702.shtml Exxxtasy and True
Blue have left 12,612 V (MPEG-2). There is now 10 Taiwanese TV channels in
clear. Does anybody have further info about the name of these channels (and
PIDs)? (Opac)

Probably no sad loss here as they were encrypted anyway. Seen on you have
seen them all.
World Movies and others on the Oaf bouquet late at night provide enough
titalating viewing anyway. (Not for long though.) 17 July.

--- Apstar 2R: http://satcodx.com/apstar2r.shtml New Wave has left 4,010 H
(H Room)

Did not see this one anyway. Wrong beam.

18 July 1998
--- JCSAT 4 at 124E: http://satcodx.com/jc4.shtml New channels on Sky
PerfecTV (MPEG-2/clear): Channel V on 12,568 V, PIDs 272/288
Fishing TV on 12,603 H, PIDs 272/288
Five test cards on 12,703 H
(N Masayoshi)
Ther above are all for Japan only.

These days around the world we have
Fishing TV
Weather TV
Golf TV
News TV
Lifestyle TV
Shopping TV
History TV
Religious TV
Satellite TV
Scenes around the Philipines KIBC
The Embassy siege NHK
Mystery TV (I think it's all a mystery.)
I could go on.....
How about some;
Interesting TV.

--- PAS 4: http://satcodx.com/pas4.shtml ERT Sat has replaced RTP
Internacional on 4,113 V, MPEG-2/clear, PIDs 519/647.
(F Rotsikas)

Probably no good unless you live west of Western Australia.

19 July

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml PID and channel updates on 3,776 H
(The Discovery Channel). Handy information for those that need it.

--- Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml New line-up on Aurora
package on 12,407 V, see the chart for more details including PIDs.
Optus B3 changes daily on just about all services. When I last checked
30/07/98 there were 3 analogue test signals here. All horizontal.

--- JCSAT 4 at 124E: http://satcodx.com/jc4.shtml Almost all of the Sky
PerfecTV channels are now encrypted. New channels: Fishing TV, Avanz TV,
JSB and The Mystery Channel. See http://satcodx.com/dig/skyperfectv4.shtml
for more details.
Would be nice to see this bird down under.

--- Palapa C2: http://satcodx.com/palapac2.shtml Changes on 3,500 H
UK TV has ceased.
Hallmark, Cinemax and Fox News have started. Very difficult to get in Adelaide.
How long for Hallmark on Asiasat 2?

--- PAS 4: http://satcodx.com/pas4.shtml RTP Internacional is back on 4,113
V, MPEG-2/clear, PIDs 519/647. I wonder about these comings and goings.

20 July
--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml PIDs added for The Disney Channel
on 3,804 H, plus The Disney Channel Philippines has started.
The activity on this bird needs watching carefully.

--- Apstar 1A at 134E: http://satcodx.com/apstar1a.shtml XinJiang Sat TV
1-3 on 4,120 H (MPEG-2) are in clear.

--- Palapa C2: http://satcodx.com/palapac2.shtml PIDs added and line-up
corrected for Indovision package on 3,500 H and 3,580 H.

--- Cakrawarta 1: http://satcodx.com/cw1.shtml Cakrawarta 1 will start
operation in August.

This satellite was launched on 18 November last year, and so far no reports
about any activity here, although earlier reports have said that a start in
April was planned.
Further info and possible reception reports are very welcome! Please note
that this is a "S band only" satellite. (webmaster)

Well start making up those small yagis for S band. I have been told there
is a lot more spillover at this frequency. You need larger dishes and more
gain though.

The startup of this satellite brought a few comments from vieers in the
north of Australia. I think this one derserves a prize. There will be a
complimentary copy of Telesatellite coming your way for this little

I understand that this bird is owned by the same company that owns
Indovision. Therefore my question is this - once they start transmitting on
Crackafat, how long before the cease transmitting on Palapa C2?? This would
have a great effect on the 'grey-market' dealers and thier SBD$6000
reciever with AUD$600 a year subscriptions to Indovision.

Imagine it if you will:

"Hey, what is that nice looking black box with Pace written on it that
looks like a VCR there in the television cabinet"

"Um, well, um it's a $6,000 satellite receiver."

"Cool, what can you receive with it??"

"Um, ah, well, nothing now..."


If you have a little scenario you too could win a fabulous copy of
TeleSatellite Magazine. These are available on the Internet at
Telesatellite for US$18.00 a single copy. So for a little of your time you
can be amply rewarded. Just to remind the author and others the name of the
satellite and its position again.It is listed at Satco Dx. Cakrawarta 1:

--- PAS 4: http://satcodx.com/pas4.shtml Maharishi Veda Vision has moved
from 3,932 H to 3,905 V, PAL, Asian beam.
Spreading Indian culture through Asia.

21 July

--- Apstar 1 at 138E: http://satcodx.com/apstar1.shtml MTV Mandarin has
left 3,860 V (B-MAC).
MTV Mandarin has started on 4,140 V, B-MAC. [see also SATCO DX Corner 980720]
Apstar 1 signals are generally S2 in Adelaide but this one could be S3.

MTV Asia has left 3,845 V (MPEG-2).

MTV Asia has started a package on 3,860 V, MPEG-2/clear, SR 30000, FEC 3/4.
164/96: MTV Asia
165-167/100-104: test cards
Not in Adelaide.

--- Thaicom 3: http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml "A-21" (Bangladesh) has
started testing on 3,516 V, PAL, 6,60/7,02 MHz, Asian beam. Test
transmissions will take place 12-15 UTC, 18-21 Bangladesh time.
Wrong beam for here.

22 July

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml Occasional feeds on 3,967 H.
LBC America has started testing on 3,778 V, MPEG-2/clear, SR 6620, FEC 2/3.
I have not had an oppurtunity to check this out yet.

--- Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml Two new channels on 12,564 H
(Austar), MPEG-2/clear: 518/656: Ovation - The Arts Network
519/657: The Disney Channel
This report is correct.

The Comedy Channel and World Movies on 12,689 H (Austar) are now encrypted.
Not from where I am sitting.
I wonder what people are using for reception, because if it is receiver
capable of being programmed by downlinks it might appear that these were
encrypted. Mind you I stand corrected about this as they have been playing
around with encryption by turning it on and off frequently.

--- Thaicom 3: http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml Two new test cards on 3,536
V and 3,555 V, PAL, Asian beam.
I thought there was a monetary crisis in Asia?

23 July

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml TVSN has left 3,743 V (PAL),
replaced by an "Optus Vision" test card.
This is a result of restructuring on the part of TVSN. Apparently they are
going into damage control before they become hopelessly in debt. I wish
them well in their endeavours.(Even if I do poke fun at their presentations
now and then.

I think I have answered the following question already.

Wots the story with TVSN - at one stage they were more prolific than
Santa-Claus in December and now they are dissapearing - has the Asian
financial crisis hit them?? Are they going broke?? Hmmmm They sure are
leaving a swag of spare transponders all over the region.

The answer is Blowin in the Wind.

--- Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml The Comedy Channel and World
Movies on 12,689 H (Austar) are in clear again.
These things come and go at the moment.

--- JCSAT 3: http://satcodx.com/jc3.shtml All Sky PerfecTV channels on
12,288 H have moved to 12,613 H. I wonder how subscribers keep up with all
this moving around.Fortunately they do not have to retune that little black

--- Thaicom 3: http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml There is now A-21 promos on
3,515 V, 3,536 V and 3,555 V, PAL. Check the beams probably no good for

24 July

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml LBC America will start on 3,778 V
in August, according to on-screen messages.
Yeah! Power-Vu and probably encoded if it is at all entertaining.

25 July

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml OSB - Oriental Satellite
Broadcaster has started on 12,492 V, MPEG-2, SR 3310, FEC 7/8, Korean.
Northern beam only.

It's ANT 1 (Antenna TV) from Greece on 3,901 H, MPEG-2/PowerVu, PIDs
1360/1320, not ATN - Asia TV Network.
Is this FTA? Not yet!.

--- Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml Sports 927 (Melbourne) has
started on 12,626 H, MPEG-2/clear, APID unknown.
A radio station.
I think it is C/A as well now.

--- Asiasat 1: http://satcodx.com/asia1.shtml Star World Free Preview on
4,020 V, PAL, 6,38:6,48/6,80 MHz. The transmissions will last for 10 days.

PTV World started today at 19:00 Pakistan time on 4,100 V, PAL. 09-17: PTV 2
19-24: PTV World
Asiasat 1 does not cover Australia at all.

--- Asiasat 2: http://satcodx.com/asia2.shtml The Optus Vision test card
has left 3,660 V (PAL). Gone!

--- Thaicom 2/3: http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml TVT Channel 11 on Thaicom
3: 3,871 V has moved to Thaicom 2: 3,871 H (PAL). Stronger signal in Japan.
It is still S2 on Thaicom 3 here in Adelaide.

26 June

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml Updated line-up on 4,148 V
(MPEG-2/enc.): CTN International, CTN Dadi, TVBI, Cartoon Network, TNT and
ABN. Nothing to get excited about here.

--- Thaicom 2/3: http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml TVT Channel 11 has started
on Thaicom 2: 3,890 H, supposed to leave Thaicom 3: 3,890 V soon.

27 July 1989.

--- Intelsat 701 at 180E: http://satcodx.com/i701.shtml PIDs for the RFO
channels on 4,095 L, MPEG-2/clear: 225/235: RFO 1
226/236: RFO 2
227/237: RFO 3 test card
I wonder has the signal strength improved from this bouquet?

--- Thaicom 3: http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml A-21 promos have left 3,515
V, still on 3,536 V and 3,555 V. Gone again or else always going. Maybe
they only get on the bird when they pay their account.

--- Apstar 2R: http://satcodx.com/apstar2r.shtml Interactive Telecom
Hongkong trailer on 3,760 H, PAL, 6,60/7,20 MHz. I have not checked this
one out yet.

28 July.

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml CNBC Asia (for Indonesia) has
started on 4,093 V, MPEG-2/clear, PIDs 513/651.

PIDs for LBC America tests on 3,778 V: 516/690.

--- Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml Two new TV channels on
12,407 V, MPEG-2/IRDETO: Pacific Knowledge Network, Bus TV 2 and GWN -
Golden West Network Patrick! You have been busy, but why has it taken you 6
weeks to catch up on these? Also TVSN is FTA again on all the bouquets it
is on. It is also my understanding that we will see TVSN FTA on the EMTV
bouquet on Asiasat 2 also.

--- JCSAT 4: http://satcodx.com/jc4.shtml Sky PerfecTV has started to use
12,628 V, MPEG-2/enc., line-up: Sky Movies 1-3 and Sky Cinema 1-3.
PIDs added for several channels in Sky PerfecTV. This is for my Japanese
readers. If you wish to correspond in Japanese I can get it translated.I am
glad some of you can speak english, even if your best sumo wrestler does
come from Hawaii.

--- Thaicom 3: http://satcodx.com/thai78.shtml The "Interactive Telecom
Hongkong" trailer on 3,760 H has ceased. Oh! well I do not have to check
this one out. Gone.

29 July

--- PAS 2: http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml CNBC Asia (India (not Indonesia))
and the occasional feeds on 4,093 V have swapped PIDs.

--- Optus B1: http://satcodx.com/optusb1.shtml Sky TV (New Zealand) is
testing on 12,418 V and 12,391 V, MPEG-2/clear, SR 22500, FEC 3/4,
Australian/New Zealand beam. This raised my hopes of seeing some Kiwi TV
and showing it off to my visitors who see the old setup.In some places
that's four channels for NZ$40.00 a month. Real value there.

--- Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml Ovation and The Disney
Channel have left 12,564 H. No! Ovation and the Disney Channel are still
there. One thing I have not seen reported though is CMTV, TNT, BBC, TVSN &
CNBC are all C/A altough TVSN only, has reverted to FTA.

Other movements are that.
Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml The Comedy Channel and World
Movies on 12,689 H (Austar) are conditional access again.

--- Optus B3: http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml Ovation and The Disney
Channel are still on 12,564 H. Yes, they didn't leave.

--- Chinastar 1 at 87.5E: http://satcodx.com/china1.shtml Chinastar 1
(Zhongwei 1) was put into operation today after successful in-orbit tests.
Maybe there are more signals on it now?

Any reception reports are very welcome!
Look for the Chinese station (Not yet identified.) on 3889 H PAL 6.6 Mhz S4
here in Adelaide.I saw it just before I went on holidays.

31 July

--- PAS 2:  http://satcodx.com/pas2.shtml
News PIDs for CMT - Country Music TV on 3,901 H: 1960/1920.
Just here for completeness.

1st August.

--- Optus B3:  http://satcodx.com/optusb3.shtml
Almost all TV channels in Austar/Foxtel package on 12,564 H and
12,689 H got encrypted yesterday.
For more details, see the new Austar/Foxtel chart at

Tuesday Morning at 9.30 eastern Aust Time..
12564 H
CMT,TNT/Cartoon Network, BBC and CNBC Asia were C/A
12689 H
The Comedy Channel and World Movies were C/A

I expect August 4th will see them all go C/A
Maybe I have the wrong type of Rx.

Now that my visitors are gone it is back to verifying what everyone else
has seen. Some of my comments are not all that helpful. While I was away I
did have a look at what satellites are being utilised for in the bush and I
will be putting that together sometime. Lots of photos, mostly of
waterfalls on Ayers Rock. A few dishes in there somewhere. Another dish
story for TeleSatellite International.

Now that I have brought it up....TeleSatellite; had a number of good
articles last month. One by Peter Klanowski is about leos or low earth
orbiting satellites. In particular Globalstar and its' entry into
telecommunications. Motorola has already launched most of its' Iridium
satellites for their network.

It all started about ten years ago when Ford Aerospace proposed a mobile
satellite system for cars.As time and technology advance Globalstars' sytem
is expected to be up and running in January 1999. It will offer global
wireless, mobile and fixed, voice, data, and faxcimilie communication.
Globalstar customers will use vehicle mounted, fixed or hnd held terminals
similar to todays mobile phones. Calls will be relayed through the
constellation of satellites to one of 60 ground stations then through the
normal terrestial communications network. All this for US$1.00 a minute.
With these sort of prices touted how can Australian Telecom expet us to pay
more for local calls?

Orbcomm is another global communications satellite provider. There is
another article on their 28 leos as well.

That was in the May-June issue along with my previous holiday in New
Zealand. The July-August issue is also packed with similar articles. Even
more reviews of satellite equipment. This magazine is a valuable resource
as far as info about new equipment is concerned. As requested by you, my
loyal readers......I will do a seperate magazine review when I have
finished this.

I am at the Drive-in again and the film is Grease, the one with John
Travolta and Olivia Neutron Bomb. She's lovely......The last time I showed
it it was in 70 mm.

Well thanks for letting me waste your time again and Good morning from
Adelaide South AUSTRALIA.


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