SAT-chiba begins.

This mailing list will deal with satellite DX news 
of Asia Pacific Region.
The information regarding digital satellite TV etc. 
of C band is offered non-periodically from Japan.

Masayoshi Saito, Chiba Japan
E-mail: masasan@sannet.ne.jp

The first real message.

- Three clear TV channels in XJTV package on Apstar 1A.

Until recently, one clear channel could receive in 
XJTV on Apstar 1A, with Nokia9500s.
Yesterday, I tried to receive XJTV.
Three channels including two new channels could be 
Parameter as follows.
4.120 H, SR 27.500, FEC 3/4,
PIDs 00A0/0050,00A1/0054,00A2/0058,

In case that your Nokia box does not recognize XJTV, 
do as follows.
Using the channel that is recognizing UTV of Thaicom 2/3 
or CCTV of Panamsat 2, and changed parameter by Red Menu.

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