New (British) FTA Receiver

  1st of all ,sorry for lack of updates to
  Sat-digital-uk ; I've been rather busy,
  changed roles in my job,spent a lot of time
  away from home & outside UK etc. 

   By the end of January,1998 a new digital
  satellite receiver should be available.
  It's from RSD ,better known as the designer
 of the Macab D2MAC boxes amongst other things.
 (I actually played with a prototype of this
 receiver whilst I was at RSD recently on
 business ; unfortunately,I didn't have a lot
 of time to play with it.)  
  It doesn't have a CAM or CAM socket as it's only
  intended for free-to-air reception.
  It DOES have a good menu with 999 channel
  storage,SCPC channel naming and,in my opinion,
  a user-friendly English menu (other languages
   available also).
  New software can be downloaded via its  RS232
  LNB's can be controlled via Voltage (13/17v),
  22KHz tone or via DiSeqc.
  The qpsk demodulator uses the Hyundai "Odeum"
  chipset which is NOT the same as the TV/Com
  chips used by Nokia (although Hyundai now own 
  In general,it's faster to respond than the 
  Nokia 9xxx boxes -partly due to the use of
  a 33MHz CPU ; in fact RSD will be one of the
  first companies to market with a product
  using Coldfire - they were an early beta
  customer for it. 

  I will be buying one of these receivers as
  soon as available & reviewing it for Tele-
  Satellit magazine.

  Merry Christmas...

  Chris Muriel, Manchester. 
   Senior Field Applications Engineer
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    mobile 0468 720557
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