"Digital television " leaflet free at Dixons

  Dixons,the UK consumer electronics,camera & brown goods chain now has
  leaflet available in their stores called "Digital Television".
  It seems to be factually correct & it's good to see that they're
  to educate a UK public who,in general,are clueless about what digital
  It dispels some of the hype about Sky's "200 channels" in that it
  150 channels plus 50 audio & goes on to say that this includes up to
  movie channels and 50 Box Office channels for PPV movies and events.
  It also points out that no dates have been confirmed,that digital
satellite is
  expected in August & terrestrial in November (1998 - I hope!).
  For cable it suggests contacting your cable company;I know that the
cable companies
  themselves will have a variety of (differing) responses -depending on
which cable
  company &,in some cases,which person at the cable company happens to
answer your call.
  (In other words many of these companies seem to lack "Corporate
  Widescreen & Dolby Surround sound are specifically highlighted in the
  They don't try to confuse the public with talk of Dolby AC3,Musicam or
  Digital  -probably a good policy.
  The leaflet speculates that analogue TV transmissions will probably go
on for
  another 10-12 years.

   Chris Muriel,Manchester.    

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