Re: Decoding Astra

>Hi Herr Maas,
>I'm an American looking for advice on BskyB reception in Nuernberg.
>I have a Morgans Arizona + 60 cm System from the supermarket
>set up and working well. (DM 199 !) I'm not a dxer - just want commercial
>programming in english.
>Question 1: I read a lot about new digital coding packages -
>is it worth it to get a good new receiver with Videocript decoder
>Nokia 2202,  Nordmende, Technisat VC2002 ? How long will this
>hardware be usable? Should I just get a used decoder box 
>(do you happen to know someone who has one lying around?)
>Question 2: Regarding stupid govt restrictions limiting legal card sales.
>Can you tell me who to contact regarding a card that will work for a long time?
>Legal or Pirate, German or other... PC Cash card or smart card. 
>Question 3: Will any English channels have surround sound? 
>Only Premere at the moment ? Should I stick with a cheap decoder
>for the moment and wait for the digital stuff to sort itself out? 
>Is Surround (Audio Components) here to stay?
>Sorry I know these are often asked amateur questions. Where should I look
>in the web for answers? 
>Look forward to your answer !!!
>Peter Boylan
Dr.Dish: The change from analouge to digital sat-tv will take a while, so 
why not buy an decoder for Videocrypt and MAC-Eurocrypt. For second hand 
boxes, just read the classified ads in TELE-satellite magazine. The problem 
arises buying a card for the program-packages. Videocrypt is now quite save 
and so called pirate-cards are not on the market. Eurocrypt-cards are 
available, but codes are changed frequently and after one year you have 
spent more money, then you would have been charged for a official card. My 
advice: try to get a official card for the Sky-package via relatives or 
friends in the UK. Most of the new movies and shows are produced in Dolby 
Surround and I believe the system will stay for a time

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