>question:  According to the french magazine TeleSatellite, the french 
digital package from France television will be launched on March 15th on 
Eutelsat IIF1 (13east), on transponder 46 freq. 12 584 GHz.
>My dish (1,2 m of diameter) is turned in this direction and I receive 
perfectly from this satellite: NBC Superchannel, Arte, Euronews, DW and MTV. 
>Before buying a universal lnb in order to be able to receive this 
frequency, I wanted to be sure wether the above mentioned transponder was 
available in Iceland with a 1.2 m dish. In other terms it has to be sent on 
the wide beam area.
>I would be very gratefull if you could answer this question. 
>Remi Spilliaert
>Reykjavik, Iceland
Dr.Dish: The package is allready on transponder 46 (EUTELSAT IIF1), but you 
will need a MPEG-receiver in order to see anything. In our last sat-tv show 
we demonstrated the package with a Thomson-MPEG receiver. At this moment the 
prgrams are just in MPEG, but not scrambled. This will change in the near 
future. There are MPEG receivers from Pace on the market. This receivers are 
build for South-Africa and appeard on the italian market for TELEPIU. This 
receivers will let you see only the NTL-tests and TELEPIU. Itīs much better 
to wait a little bit For reception of the digital signals you still can keep 
your 120cm dish.

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