Re: Problems with Echostar LT-8700

>Dear Dr.Dish,
>I am a happy possessor of an Echostar LT-8700 , but I have got a 
>problem in receiving of the below audio in stereo.
>Of usual one I have got problems on stereo emissions Rai , Mcm and 
>Rete 8 Network on Hotbird and others channels on Astra , only on very 
>strong signals I have noises and bursts .
>Selecting Audio at 6.60 Mhz I haven't got noise's and burst's problems.
>I premise that frequences are well hit the centre and signals are very 
>I have read on Tele Satellite 9/10-1995 that Echostar has done some 
>changes in care.
>Do you know more?
>Thank you , greetings.
>                        Stefano.

Itīs a well known problem to the manufacturer and they introduced meanwhile 
some solutions. In order to get a modification, you should contact your 
national importer and if this doesnt help, just contacht Echostar at 
Almelo/The Netherlands (+31 - 546 815 166).
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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