Re: poor quality of some ASTRA channels

>In our house in Malaga (the south of Spain) we have placed a 1m dish with a
>Amstrad 1001 receiver and a luxcrypt decoder. Most of the ASTRA channels (like
>RTL 4+5) are of excellent quality, but others (like Veronica and SBS6) are
>often interrupted and of poor quality? I read in your February 1996 column that
>this might be due to a not original decoder. Mine is a flat black case with no
>descriptions on it. It doesn't have a switch but it has an adjustment-screw on
>the back. I think the problems don't have anything to do with the decoder as 
>the uncoded programs are also interrupted. Is it a problem of the dish or of 
>the LNB?
>Harold de Vries, Holland
The shape of footprints differs between transponders and satellites. In 
Malaga RTL-4 and 5 are very strong (51 dBW), but transponders 51 and 53 with 
Veronica and SBS-6 are much weaker (47 dBW). With your 1m-dish and a common 
lnb you could expect some trouble on this weaker channels. Even a better lnb 
would not do much better. Changing to 120cm will give you good performance 
and 150cm would provide you with some left-over for bad-weather.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
drdish@tv - the first european satellite info channel

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