Re: Footprints Norway

>Can you please give me the footprints for the folowing satelites: TDF 1&2
>(18.8 West), DFS Kopernikus 1 (23.5 East) and DFS Kopernikus 2 (28.5 East).
>I live in Norway. I have a 90 cm antenna, can I then get these satelittes?
>Knut Arne Hatlegjerde

DFS, 23.5and 28.5E:
Trondheim: 46 dbW (100cm)
Oslo: 49 dBW (80cm)

Trondheim: 44 dBW (120cm)
Oslo: 49 dBW 80cm)
Dish size depends on the correct feed of the system:
DFS: linear
TDF: circular (rh)
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