Sunshine/N.E.Sportchannel near B.C.

>Dr Dish:
>We own a ten foot dish near the washington/bc border. We have good 
reception except for c1-24 (sunshine) and s2-21(new england sportchannel) 
are lnb is 35 degrees. Can you help me get rid of the sparklies. Thanks 
Kelly email: ktomasso@mlc.awinc.com
As I see the situation here from Europe,a 10" dish should do it by 34 dBW in 
the c-band on both satellites with only a small amount of noise, if the 
dish-alignement is done properly. Just tell me which satellites you are 
receiving noise-free. You could exchange your Lnc against a new 17K. It 
helps a little bit. Also you could use a receiver with a threshold below 4dB
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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