>ATT: Christian Mass
>I am interested in receiving the new Israeli AMOS satelite in Denmark. I
>pointed my 70 cm dish to 4 deg. west and tuned my receiver to 10.951 H/V and
>to 11.451 H/V as you suggested on your answer date 22/MAY/96 with no
>success. Do I need special equipment and are there other frequencies that I
>should check on?
>Many thanks.
>Offer Wolovsky
At this moment AMOS is testing on the Europe-beam on 11.308 GHz, horizontal. 
A 70cm dish in Danmark is a lttle bit too small, but why not give it try. A 
second frequency is occ. in use: 11.348 GHz, horizontal.
Norbert Schlammers TELE-satellit-news reported this evening, the first 
channels expected on this satellite are from Poland and Tchechia.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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