AFN / NBC in Germany

>Questions:  I want to see AFN on Euntelsat or NBC on any other
>1. Is it possible to get NBC(US-Version) from an
>   Satelite if the receiver is in Germany?
>2. AFN is on EUTELSAT 10degrees.But it's
>  decoded, so how many cost a B-MAC Decoder? 
>3. Is it possible to see B-MAC signals after they are
>   encoded with an normal PAL-TV, or do I need 
>  an NTSC-System?
1. No, only occ. feeds are available via ORION F1 and INTELSAT K
2. There are no B-Mac decoders available to the public. It is not wise to 
buy a B-MAC decoder on the black market. The system is adressable and this 
decoder is nothing more then a good looking box with a lot of electronical 
spare parts.
3. It depends on the tv-set. Some sets show a b&w-picture with less lines 
and others cant find the vertical sync.
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