SAT 1 and Internet

>Questions:  Hello, I don't know if you can help me, or perhaps you can
>tell me where I can look for the answers. I have two questions:
>1) I am trying to contact the home page of SAT1 in Germany.
>   I know the URL is www.sat1.de, and it does connect, but
>   I am then given the reply: Forbidden - client does not have permission
>   to get info from this server, or something like that. How
>   can I get permission, or perhaps contact them by e-mail?

>Tim Fray 
Dr. Dish:
Thanks to Holger Zeissler and Peter Schrama, we got the right answer to your 
first question:
The SAT-1 homepage (http://www.sat1.de) will be open to the general public 
from September 1, 1996.

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