MIR/STS-79 Frequencies

Thank you for the show of drdish@tv on friday eve. John Locker reported
something about the upcoming MIR/SHUTTLE docking. I missed to write down the
frequencies. Could you help me?

Danke fuer die drdish@tv Sendung am Freitag. John Locker berichtete ueber
das bevorstehende MIR/SHUTTLE-docking, doch ich bekam die Frequenzen nicht
mit. Kannst Du helfen?

D.Kusch, D-Solingen

Sorry, I itīs my fault not to mention the frequencies. The brain was a
little bit frozen in Aīdam. Here we are:
MIR (Voice/Srechfunk): 121.750 / 121.125 / 130.670 MHz
Ship to ship: 139.208 MHz
Command-Frequency: 143.625 MHz
All transmission are in FM

Shuttle (Voice/Sprechfunk): 259.700 MHz (primary) / 296.800 MHz (secundary)
all in AM

Satellite tv relay may appear via EUTELSAT IIF4 (EBU), COSMOS 2054, 10.830
GHz, 16° west and INTELSAT 21° west.
Source: John Locker, Liverpool/UK for drdish@tv
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