Re: SCPC/drdish@tv in the USA

At 15:34 28.09.1996 GMT, you wrote:
>please send me more info on the video tape you mentioned about scpc
>reception that is due out in Nov. I'm interested in scpc here in the USA.
>Thanks alot for all the info that I get from your column through e-mail.
>Also, is there a sat. that transmits toyr Dr. Dish TV show here in the US.
>If not, how would I go about getting a VHS vcr tape of your program?
The scpc-tape will be released in November, but in the german language. A
english version should be available one month later. I will make it public
on this place.
At this moment we are discussing the use of a c-band transponder (global
beam) with two satellite-organizations in addition the the DFS-II. This
would mean, that you could receive drdish@tv also in the US (East-coast and
Mid-west), in South-America and in Africa. Then we get some additional
problem: NTSC or PAL? In Africa you also some countries, using SECAM. And to
make the trouble complete: to finance all this, we would need additional
sponsors. But we are working very hard on this.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
drdish@tv your satellite info-channel

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