Frequencies LT8700

>Country:  Scotland
>Questions:  Thanx for your answer to my last question..it worked!     I
have an Echostar  Lt8700 and the tuning frequencies on it don't correspond
with the frequencies in various satellite magazines,for instance the cartoon
network should be on 11.023 but on my receiver it's 11.765! any ideas?
I believe you are using a quattro-band lnb and you lnb-configuration is wrong.
Look on page 46/47 of the LT8700-manual and change the values in the
lnb-configuration according to the lnb-type you got.
At this moment it looks like that you are using the the LOF 10.750 for the
High-band, but should use for the low-band a LOF of 9.750 and for Highband
10.75. The switching between the two bands is done by 13 and 18 volts.

Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
TELE-satellite magazine
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