ASTRA 1A in Syria

>Country:  SYRIA
>Questions:  Hello DR DISH,
> 1.Q: what is the difference (in percent) between 0.6 and 0.7 LNB's in
relation to reception quality?
> 2.Q: what about the Plans of Astra 2A for Middeleast (SYRIA) ?
> 0ur best thank
> Dipl.-Ing. R.Salim
> Dr. Med. S. Mehi-Aldin
Imagen the written numbers are true, then no difference can be seen, but
indeed measured. Mostly this numbers are some kind of fairytale. Some
manfucaturer writes down the lowest figure on the spectrum, the next writes
down the average over the whole spectrum, but does the measurement by 20°
Celsius and his counterpart does it by 16 Celsius. Differnt figures will be
the result.

Discussing your question today with informative ASTRA-people, no plan like
beaming in this direction lies on the table. ASTRA 2B get´s a steerable
beam, but since this is a profit orientated company, ASTRA will look for a
target aerea which pays off. The Middle East are allready targeted by
ARABSAT 2A (and B is coming in November) and PAS-4 with a lot of analogue
and digital programming.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
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