Filmnet via Eutelsat 1F4

>Country:  GREECE
>Questions:  Dear dr.dish         D-BOX NOKIA PROBLEMS
>I have see your last transmition this month by kopernikus 2.
>The reception was with 30% noise in wide mode but with 
>Echostar 730+LT is ok.
>I want to ask you about D-BOX Nokia DVB-9500S.
>We have a problem to receive FILMNET, SUPERSROT on 25.5~E.
>Eutel. that is transmiting clear.
>I have look the D-BOX that you have on your program that
>have deferent MENU list from my D-BOX .Yours have more
>capabilities i thing.
>The problem i have lockated is that the D-BOX it's scanning
>and finding the FILMNET but next is writing on display
>DL CHEK , DL VERS and next nothing .This time the receiver
>must save i thing on memmory the channel data frequency,
>sybol rate,fec. but is not memmorize them becoze same check
>is doing is not correct.
>I have fund also if you keep press the up+down <> button
>on the front panel of D-BOX and put the main power 220v~
>you keep press for 20sec. the display is going green and 
>the receiver is waiting for some code to tranfer you to
>another special menu service .I dont now this code no.
>If you now anything for all about please i will waiting
>any information from you.
>My D-BOX is the German version for DF1 Group the menu is on
>German or Italian .the special menu must be in English .
>I don't now German but only few words .
>                        Thank you 
>                          very much for reading my quest.
>                                        JAMES
Sorry, but your d-box is not suitable to receive the Filmnet-channels for
Greece. Your box tries to make an update (DL-check= download check), but
without success. Once again: the german d-box is build by NOKIA, but is not
identical with the MediaMaster from NOKIA. The MediaMaster offers you
english on-screen-graphics and a wider choice of applications. So, this
means use the d-box where it belongs:just to receive DF-1 and some open
channels from other packages. Bitrate,FEC and frequency you can obtain here
from the SATCO-DX pages.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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