Re: Astra Digital in the UK

At 13:25 08.11.1996 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Dr. Dish, (?)
>Could you tell me if and when digital astra receivers become available
>for the UK, also what kind of prices I'd be looking at.
>It would be to receive RTL4/5 SBS6 VeronicaTV etc. from Holland (are
>they encrypted at the moment?)
>thanks, Michiel Mees 

Yes, the commercial Dutch stations are encrypted. At this moment different
digtial receivers are offered in the UK. Be carefull what you are buying,
because you get thw wrong box, not suitable for the later coming UK-package.
A german d-box was been offered via a satellite show by Eric Wiltshire on
Nov.6 via Eutelsat IIF3 for araiund 700 pound which more then twice of the
original price. Furthermore Eric told the audience this box would receive
everything. A misleading information. My advice: just wait a little bit
until it is known which system will be used in the UK (I believe it will be
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
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