Actuator 18 or 24"

>I read your column in onSat, and enjoy it. Could you please give me some
>quick advice.
>I need some help regarding my broken actuator arm on my 10" mesh dish.
>The actuator finally gave out. It can't hold up the dish anymore. It is
>a SuperJack II HQ that is there now.  I was not sure who to call,  the
>local dealer is not in business anymore.   I called the 800 directory
>for the number of a company called Skyvision, but maybe by some strange
>luck,the operater gave me the number of a satellite  wholesaler by
>accident.  I spoke with Glen at Satellite TV Systems who said I should
>use an HTS 18" Blackjack ($79.95) in place of the broken one.  He said
>that a more expensive Von Weiss model(24") was available but didn't
>think I needed it. I said I would call them back. I finally found the
>Skyvision number and they told me to buy their superduper product for
>$159.95 on sale. So we thought that the first price was a good deal. I
>didn't know what to do so I went with the Blackjack. In the area I live
>in of western North Carolina we get some snow and the dish has had ice
>on it.  Do you think I made a mistake? Should I change my order to get a
>different actuator arm? Will this suit the channel changers needs?
>They are shipping me the replacement now, I still have time to install
>something else or go with the Blackjack on the dish. I like the C-band
>for a variety of reasons. 
>Dr.Dish PLEASE HELP,  lost in the dark with a broken arm. :(
>Marc Corbett

>Bakersville, NC 28705

For a 10 foot dish, I would use the 24 inch actuator, which is much
stronger, lives longer and gives the whole construction more stability. In
the past I had the same dish and killed the first 18 inch actuator after 14
months of extensive use. Then I installed a 24 inch version. Result: more
satellites to the east and to the west and this actuator is still used by a
friend after 5 years. Just ask your dealer for the 24 inch version of the
HTS. I believe the HTS is a little bit cheaper then the Weiss.
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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