Combiened receiver?

>Dear Dr. Dish,
>    I am planning to install a system for receiving satellites TV at 
>home. Facing the expected transition to digital transmissions in the 
>near future is there a receiver that can handel both digital and non 
>digital signals?
>I also don't know which satellites would it be possible to receive with
>a 120 cm dish being located in Israel.
>    Thanks

The only receiver which handles both - digital and analogue - is the PowerVu
D9232IRD from Scientific Atlanta. He got 48 additional analogue channels,
but is not fully DVB-compatible. The receiver is offered in Europe and the
Middle East for the ORBIT-package. After resolving all faults and bugs in
the digital receivers, one can expect a combined receiver in the near future
from other manufacturers.
With 120cm dish EUTELSAT-HOTBIRD 2 could be received, but not much of bad
weather reserve is given. The Ku-band of ARABSAT 2A/B and the Middle-East
beam of PAS-4 will deliver good results on your dish. Don´t forget your own
AMOS-satellite. A combinantion of c/ku-band would offer a much larger
choice, but this means also a much larger dish.

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