Re: Turner digital problems

This, I call interactive. Andreas got the solution. Yes, Andreas I will
collect all this nice ideas and may be finally we will get a complete new
user manual together.
Thanks a lot.

>Dear Mr. Dish,
>I just read about the problems receiving the Turner channels and since I
have solved them 
>(at least I found a workaround), I wanted to share this information with
other users.
>Enter the setuo menu of the Nokia (D-Box) by Radio-99-Radio (as usual).
>Then type "7", this should switch to the "MMBG 71" package and TNT appears. 
>{Press "Right" to select other channels}.
>Now re-open the Menu ("Menu") and select "Demux Menu", enter "3" as the PID
>number (this selects the audio channel). You should see "4050" as a code.
>Now enter "4051" and press Ok. This selects the english audio subchannel -
>Now you can watch the programme (leave this prompt with "Left", twice, and
>"TV" to close the menu.
>To switch the sound to both channels, enter the "Audio menu" and scroll to
>"Select Audio msg_channel_swap" (should contain 0). Enter "3" and press
>Unfortunately, the settings are not stored into the channel list, so it has
>to be re-entered every time you switch channels.
>Since these internal menus provide so much possibilities, maybe you could
>summarize all the information we already have and distribute them?
>I think it would be a fine idea.
>Seasons greetings,
>Andreas Werner
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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