satellite on Reunion Islands

>I've just bought a dish (3,66 meters) and a Startrake 850e (canada) with
>a lnb 17  k with a corrotor for reception in band C.I live in REUNION
>Island (france) at 55 3 E and 212 S and I want to know what the
>distance for the single point(focal)is.Can you also tell me what
>satellite will I be able to receive (ex: Can I receive PANAMSAT 4 AT
>685 E).Thank you very much
To determine the focal length of your dish you need two values:
r=the radius of the dish
c= the depth of the dish

Here are the formula:
f =   -----------
        4 x c
if you have a 310cm dish with a depth of 60cm it looks like this:
        155 cm
f=    -----------   =  100.1cm
      4 x 60 cm

From Reunion (St.Pierre) your dish "sees" from INTELSAT K (21W) to N-Star
(132 E). PAS-4 is fine for you. To align the dish turn him to the south
(dish back-side and polarmount must be in a 90 position to each other). Set
the elevation of the mount to 68.6 and go down with the decilantion for
3.12. The dish-elevation should be now on 65.48. And if you move now the
hole dish (with mount) on the pole very, very carefully to the south you
will get some signals from the INTELSAT 57 E position. Fasten now all bolts
carefully and your dish should run on the orbital trail. For active channels
on this satellite, please consult http://www.satcodx.com/
Dr.Dish (Christian Mass)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine
Producer of drdish@tv, Europes first satellite info-channel

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