DR.DISH SPECIAL, part 2(english)

This special we got from Martin Wienecke and would like to pass it on to our
readers. Thanks a lot Martin for this fine piece of Information.

>Description:How to lock to and read the settings for new digital signals
>using the red menue of the D-Box by Martin Wienecke
>By using this scanning procedure all listings containing symbol rates and FEC
>are needless.
>Procedure (from software versions 1,7XX upwards, in lower version the qpsk
>menue is protected):
>A) change to the red area using Radio 99 Radio, call the red menue by
>pressing Menü 
>B) enter the assumed frequency in the submenue 8 (select frequency integer) >
>Hint: I would prefer to enter the IF directly, to avoid confusions
>C) set symbol rate to 0.000 
>D) set acquisition bandwidth to the assumed bandwidth of the signal  (f.e. 40
>MHz for packages and 8 MHz for SCPC signals)
>E) switch back to the mainmenue and call the submenue 5 (QPSK) 
>F) select QPSK Status 
>G) press OK several times until the fourth row (counted form the top) differs
>from 00 80 00 (=no signal) ; if no change > frequency wrong or acquisition
>too narrow (package)/wide (SCPC)
>Thick beam on the front display and all six digits differ from 0 = signal
>detected and locked to.
>The most important digits and their meaning in the menu 5, submenu QPSK
>Status (XX = not important)  
>XX XX 07 XX     (FEC = 2 for 1/2; 3 for 2/3; 4 for 3/4; 6 for 5/6 and 7 for
>03 0D 58         (symbol rate integer: 1.digit 0 times 16 + 2.digit 3 times 1
>= 3, remember the last four digits in this row and enter the assumed value
>for the symbol rate fraction in the submenü 8  > compare the display in
>submenue 5 > QPSK Status with the four digits in your mind)
>First two digits display the symbol rate integer in hexadecimal (A=10 to
>If row 4 displays 6 digits like  03 0D 58 and the second digit from the right
>in row 2 shows 07:
>signal with
>Symbol Rate:     3,0545 MS/S        and        FEC: 7/8   detected   (thick
>beam  on display)
>Hint for PIDs: You should change the factory preset, after a signal has been
>received, to automatically (if NIT = Network Information Table and PIDs are
>transmitted) download the PID 2 for video, PID 3 for audio und PID 4 for the
>PCR control   (locking to two signals on one factory preset confuses the
>The d-box is capable of decoding: DVB,NTL/DMV and Powervu unscrambled.
>Sadly it has problems decoding DVB 60Hz 525 lines (switching systems means
>I have attached my MPEG listing in the Word format.

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