Re: PAS-4 /Multichoice

At 21:33 05.05.1997 +0300, you wrote:
>If you can, answer me plaese, where I can buy card for
>access to Multichioce 3.744 V from PAS-4, for my dbox?
>My lockation: Astrakhan, Russia. I've the graet signal on
>my 2m dish, but it lock. Do I need a special hardware for
>NOKIA 9500S to be able to receive BBC, CNN, VH-1, MTV?
>Best regards
This DSTv-signals are for the southern parts of Africa and no cards are
given to "outsiders". If you like to get additional information, you could
call the MultiChoice helpline: +27-11-889 1200 or fax: +27-11-886 59 68
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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