Receive any SCPC signal using the d-box (any version)

From Ghassan Tabet I received the following tip and pass it on to my readers
for further discussions. Thanks a lot, Ghassan.

>Dear Dr. Dish,
>Here is a tip i use to receive SCPC signals previously invisible to my
>NOKIA 9500 version 1.29  (including CNBC ASIA on intelsat 703, Chinese
>channels on asiasat2, viva tests on hot bird 1, and ENEX feeds on
>Eutelsat 2f3) :
>Enter the Red Menu (radio 99 radio), set the freq using menu 8. Set
>rate to 0. Set band with to 30MHZ. Set error rate to 1. Press <- to
>return to the main menu then press 8. Repeat until the display shows
>an aquired signal (error rate of the signal will show). 
>This tip also works for receiving PowerVu and non standard DVB SCPC 
>for all versions of the NOKIA 9500. Just set the freq. rate and FEC, 
>set the bandwidth to 0 Mhz. Repeat <-- then 8 until the signal 
>Using this method with a nokia v 2.xx, peter merett in australia was 
>able to lock on new SCPC signals. He writes :
>"Thanks for the 8/menu toggle tip. Was able to bring up SCPC signals 
>in the debug menu for the first time using this method."
>A strange transmittion is detected on asiasat2. Reports say that it 
>is an "internet" transmittion(!). The nokia 9500 autoacquire can lock 
>on the signal (displayed error rate >>140) but no audio or video. Any 
>ideas how to" decode" this transmittion ?
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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