Audio Echostar LT 8700

>City: Cluj-Napoca
>Questions:   Dear dr. Dish
>  I have recently bought for my company an Echostar 8700 with
>videocrypt and eurocrypt decoders, from a local dealer.As I
>red yours reports in some older TELE-SATLLITE issues, I
>specifically asked for a Panda version and the dealer assured
>me that he only has this kind of Echostar.
>  Even if it was a sack of money, I am not at all pleased with
>it. First of all, it appears to have no Panda. In audio menu
>it is no reference of Panda as I saw in the picture in your
>article from TELE-SATELLITE 10/95. "Deemphasise" item in the
>audio menu displays "adaptive" instead "panda". The dealer
>sustains very hard that the receiver is an original Panda
>version. What am I suppose to believe? The sound is not very
>good but also is not bad when connected to an external
>amplifier. Please tell me if the receiver can or can not be
>a Panda version as I can't figure how the things are.
>  When the receiver is connected to a tv set via the RF cable,
>the sound is very week, excepting the case a D2 MAC channel
>is received. I have to put the maximum volume to the receiver
>internal setting and also to the tv set, in order to have a
>normal sound level. But doing so, the noise level is to high
>and the sound is very unpleasant. What is it to do about it?
>  But all this things seems to be minor bugs comparing with
>what happened yesterday. When I connected the mains supply
>(220 V a.c.) the receiver refused to start and it remained
>in is this state regardless of my efforts to do something.
>It has no light on the display, but a slightly "cling, cling"
>sound can be heard if one listens carefully. It was no sign
>of something bad is about to happened, nor it was no
>connection mistake (the only connections were with the tv
>set with an RF cable and with the LNB), it just happened.
>  I do not know what to think. Is this the 8700 Echostar
>receiver, the one and only one receiver that is advertised
>as the best that money can buy? If it is, then I wonder
>how on earth can be one with less qualities.
>  So I shall very much appreciate some words in order to
>bring me some peace, or at least to enlighten me how the
>things work with Echostar receivers. Or perhaps the above
>facts are usual stuff when talking about Echostar.
>Zip: 3400
>Country: Romania
First of all, I believe your power supply is gone, but this a case of
warranty. Then, the audio-problem. If Panda is installed, you will see the
Panad-sign on the front panel of the receiver and also the module on the
left side inside the receiver. The software indicates PANDA. If not, your
dealer is wrong and should return the box. Old models are still on the
market, but the price is much lower then for the newer Panda-version. The
noise and weak audio via the modulator can be a bad adjusted modulator or
the wrong type. Have a look on the backside of your LT 8700. On the
modulator you can recognize the used system. For your country it should
state "D&K".

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
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