Re: nokia/ bakker 9200/9500

At 22:51 16.10.1997 +1200, you wrote:
>Dear Dr Dish
>Re the new nokia/bakker software what is all the fuss about we here in
>the pacific have had the e3 version free to air nokia 9500 for over six
>months and yes there had been a problem with overwritting channel but
>this was fixed with e3 version I was fortunate to obtain the the
>original e3 version software and was able to upgrade the 2.43 to the
>current e3 version this softare is for free to air signal and it
>overides the ca system with this version you do not need to enter any
>pids as this version does scpc and mcpc and suggest that if any of the
>nokia fans in europe want a 9500s e3 version they should buy from hong
>kong or Australia.
Thanks Robin, this is the advantage of Internet. The problem still extists
for owners of a Nokia in Europe and any solution is welcome. If you got
adresses in Australia or Hongkong, we will pass it on to our readers.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
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