yusuf bozkaya wrote:
> Dear Sir
> I have TV1000 on my TV. I can get it from Satellite.
> But I do not have a decoder or a smart card .Please
> advise me how can I purchase an encoder or a smart card
> to watch  TV1000.I live in Turkey.
> Best regards

First of all, you have buy a D2-MAC-decoder or a receiver with build-in
decoder. This decoders are today quite cheap, because the ssystem is
outside Scandinavis rarely in use. So, compare prices! Have a look on
the ad-pages in TELE-satellite International and you will find some
retailers in Turkey. A problem could be the smartcard. This card is
official not available outside the target-country. This means you have
to know someone in Scandinavia, willing to obtain a card for you. Or,
with much more risk you can use one of the many illegal cards, offered
here in the net and in magazines. Some of them are dead after a
code-change, others could be re-programmed by yourself. No guarantee is

Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite International
Producer of drdish@tv

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