LIST (07/11-07/17) Movies in original language on German/Italian satellite tv

List of movies on German and Italian satellite tv that come
at least on one audio channel in the original version:

July 11 - July 17  (time is Central Europe Summer Time)

Sa, July 11:

00:25   Rock Palace: Beastie Boys, Garbage, Pulp, Ocean
WDR     Colour Scene, Rancid, Asian Dub Foundation; Loreley,
        06/20/98; stereo; 335 min.

00:55   Space Night

02:30   Jazz Club: Modern Jazz Quartet; 1988; stereo; 60 min.

05:30   Rave Around The World; dance night

13:00   Belcanto; Leo Slezak; stereo; 30 min.

13:00   Monitor Italia; for Italians in Germany; 30 min.

13:15   In Concert: George Michael unplugged; London, 1996;
3sat    stereo; 45 min.

13:30   Letters from Great Britain: Leeds & Liverpool Canal;
Alpha   30 min.

13:55   Love Parade '98; live from Berlin; 295 min.

13:55   Love Parade '98; live from Berlin; 290 min.

14:00   Love Parade '98; live from Berlin; 285 min.

14:00   Love Parade '98; live from Berlin; 235 min.

14:00   Without Filter Extra: Lyle Lovett and his Large
SWF     Band; 1992; stereo; 60 min.

14:00   Letters from Great Britain: County Durham;
Alpha   30 min.

14:30   Letters from Great Britain: Mull;
Alpha   30 min.

15:00   Letters from Great Britain: Off to Scotland;
Alpha   30 min.

15:30   Letters from Great Britain: Aberdeen;
Alpha   30 min.

19:00   Absolutely Fabulous, part 13 of 18; UK, 1992-96;
arte    comedy series; original version with subtitles;
        30 min.

19:30   ZDF inside report: "Shadow People"; 30 min.

20:00   Treasures of the World - Heritage of Mankind;
DW      Cartagena: Spain's Fortress in the Caribbean; 15 min.

20:15   Curators of Culture: The German Museum of the Sea;
DW      15 min.

20:15   Love Parade '98; live from Berlin; 105 min.

20:15   13th Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival; opening
3sat    concert; live from Luebeck; Anton Bruckner: symphony
        no 5 B-Major; stereo; 85 min.

22:05   Love Parade '98; 85 min.

23:50   Love Parade '98; highlights; stereo; 370 min.

Su, July 12:

00:00   Extra Late in Concert: HISS; 1998; stereo; 90 min.

00:00   Love Parade '98; 80 min.

01:00   Space Night
01:25   Space Night

01:30   Country Nights; video clips; stereo; 180 min.

01:35   Naked; UK, 1983; drama starring David Thewlis, Lesley
RaiTre  Sharp; directed by Mike Leigh; MIGHT be in original
        version with Italian subtitles; 131 min

04:10   Rave Around The World; dance night

09:00   Invito ai concerti: Variations on an original theme
RaiTre  (Enigma), Op. 36 by Edward Elgar; Rai National
        Symphony Orchestra conducted by Neville Marriner;
        stereo; 40 min

09:00   Journey; ballet by Christopher Bruce; Houston Ballet;
Alpha   30 min.

10:00   Daniel Barenboim conducts the Chicago Symphony
WDR     Orchestra; Aribert Reimann: violin concert (1996);
        stereo; 25 min.

12:00   Sir George Solti conducts: Anton Bruckner - symphony
Hessen  no 3 d-minor; 1993; 75 min.
12:25   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; guest: Jim Carrey;
tm3     50 min.

13:15   Black Cake; ballet by Hans van Manen; 30 min.

15:00   Video Timeline: Part 106) 1980; 15 min.

15:05   Middlemarch; UK, 1994; tv series; part 6 of 7; 55 min.
15:15   EXPO 2000 - The World Exposition Hannover; 15 min.

18:00   The Dome - Chart Party (VI); 120 min.

19:00   Slapstick series, part 1 of 9; USA, 1923; black
arte    and white; [might be undubbed, subtitled, ...]; 30 min.

19:00   Open air concert live from the 41th Spoleto Festival:
RaiDue  The  Bells, Op. 35 by Sergei Rachmaninov and 1812
        Overture Op. 49 by Peter I. Tchaikovsky; Spoleto
        Festival Orchestra conducted by Alberto Maria Giuri;
        stereo; 90 min

19:45   Classic concert with Horst Stein; Franz Schubert: symphony
Alpha   no. 2 B-Major; Carl Maria von Weber: mess "Solennelle" Es-Major;
        90 min.

20:00   H.E.A.T. - Hits, Entertainment and Topics;
DW      60 min.

21:00   Italian Night 1995; with Gianna Nannini, Zucchero,
SWF     Luca Carboni, Enzo Belmonte, Litfiba, Andrea Bocelli
        and others; stereo; 90 min.

21:55   Belcanto; Tito Schipa, Georges Thill; 60 min.

23:30   Extra Late in Concert; Rave - Black Magic Rock;
SWF     Christiane Schmied, The Tillies; 60 min.

Mo, July 13:

00:00   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; guest: Jim Carrey;
tm3     repeat; 50 min.

00:15   Space Night

00:20   29th International Jazz Week Burghausen, part 4;
Bayern  Charles Lloyd Quartet (USA); 45 min.

01:05   Der Amerikanische Soldat; Germany, 1970; B&W drama 
RaiTre  starring Karl Scheydt, Hark Bohm, Ulli Lommel;
        directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder; MIGHT be in 
        original version with Italian subtitles; 80 min

01:05   Space Night

04:25   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

20:00   Tomorrow-Today: Millennium Magazine;
DW      30 min.

20:30   Feature: Helmut Jahn - Architect. Chicago;
DW      30 min.

Tu, July 14:

00:15   Space Night

01:00   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

01:15   Space Night

04:30   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

08:30   Charlie Chaplin silent shorts; 30 min

20:30   Feature: The Berlin Airlift, Fifty Years After;
DW      Part 1: the West; How to Win Friends and Influence
        History; 30 min.

23:45   San Remo Rock Festival; 45 min

We, July 15:

00:15   Space Night

01:15   Space Night

01:45   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

04:10   Rave Around The World; dance night

14:00   Disco, 1972; 45 min.

20:00   European Journal - The European Magazine; 30 min.

20:30   Feature: The Berlin Airlift, Fifty Years After;
DW      Part 2: the East; Poker Politics and Propaganda;
        30 min.

22:35   Oldie Night Special, part 2 of 8; Edwin Starr;
SWF     Stuttgart, 1998; 30 min.

23:25   San Remo Rock Festival; 45 min

Th, July 16:

00:15   Space Night

00:35   Young Werther; France, 1992; youth drama starring
WDR     Ismael Jole-Menebhi, Marie-Isabelle Rousseau, Thomas
        Bremond, Miren Capello, directed by Jaques Doillon;
        original version with German subtitles; 91 min.

01:35   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

01:55   Space Night

05:15   Rave Around The World; dance night

20:00   Arts Unlimited - The cultural magazine; 30 min.

Fr, July 17:

00:45   Space Night

01:10   Space Night

01:40   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 45 min.

06:05   Rave Around The World; Dance Night

14:00   Jazz Festival Bern 1994; Fritz Renold & the Bostonian
3sat    Friends featuring Randy Brecker; stereo; 45 min.

20:30   regarding - The Story of the Week;
DW      30 min.

22:35   Jazz Open Stuttgart 1998; African Night; live;
3sat    with Mory Kante, King Sunny Ade & his African Beats,
        Habib Kiote & Bamada; stereo; 120 min.

23:40   The Wrecker's Ball; with the Paul Taylor Dance
Bayern  Company; New York, 1996; 55 min.


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  Astra transponder and might be in the original version on
  Astra, 7.38 MHz.

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Frequencies of the tv stations:

ARD                    Astra 11494 h
ZDF                    Astra 10964 h
WDR (West 3)           Astra 11053 h
SWF (Suedwest 3)       Astra 11186 v
NDR (Nord 3)           Astra 11582 h
Bayern (Bayern 3)      Astra 11141 h
MDR (MDR 3)            Astra 11112 h
Hessen                 Astra 11068 v
ORB                    Astra 11656 v
BR-Alpha               Astra 11686 v
3sat                   Astra 11347 v
RTL                    Astra 11229 v
Super RTL              Astra 11391 h
tm3                    Astra 10936 v
SAT1                   Astra 11288 v
RTL2                   Astra 11214 h / Eutelsat 11095 h
VOX                    Astra 11273 h / Eutelsat 11593 h
arte                   Astra 10714 h / Eutelsat 11080 v
DW                     Eutelsat 11163 v
RaiUno                 Eutelsat 11363 v
RaiDue                 Eutelsat 11449 v
RaiTre                 Eutelsat 11532 v


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