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A Lockheed Martin Atlas IIAS rocket successfully launched JCSAT 4 into
geosynchronous transfer orbit from Complex 36B at Cape Canaveral Air Station
(CCAS), Florida. JCSAT 4 will be operated by Japan Satellite Systems, Inc.
(JSAT), a telecommunications company headquartered in Tokyo. Once operational,
JCSAT 4 will provide voice, data and television signals to Japan, Asia, Hawaii,
Australia and New Zealand. It has twelve active C-band transponders and 28
active Ku-band transponders, some of which can be combined to provide higher
JCSAT 4 is an HS 601 satellite design built by Hughes Space and Communications.
ILS International Launch Services recently announced continuing business
between Atlas and JSAT with the launch of JCSAT 6 in mid-1998. JCSAT 5 could by
launched next December. Both will be based upon the HS 601 platform as well. 
The Atlas IIAS used for the JCSAT 4 mission is one of four variants in the
Atlas family presently launching satellites for domestic and international
customers. The Atlas II series has so far compiled a perfect record with 100
percent mission success of each configuration. The Atlas family is capable of
launching satellites weighing from 2,268 to 3,696 kg (5,000 to 8,150 lbs). The
new Atlas IIAR, which will begin launching in 1998, expands that performance
capability to 4,037 kg (8,900 lbs).

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