Sat-News Nr. 94/98 vom 21.5.98. Zusatz

                                                 Berlin, den 21.05.1998

Zusatz zur Sat-News Nr. 94/98, vom 21.05.98 (Autor: Norbert Schlammer)

Da mich soeben eine interessante Pressemitteilung erreichte, will ich
einige wichtige Details 
daraus dem heutigen News-Dienst anhängen.

"May 25th 1998 : birth of Shalom Channel, the European Jewish information
channel for 
european jewish communities broadcasted by cable & satellite (Press
Release, May 20th 1998) 
- Starting May 25th at 10.30 PM (Paris) - 9.30 PM (London), Shalom Channel
will broadcast every 
night (from 10.30 PM to Midnight - CET)  in digital and all across Europe,
a special & 
unscrambled news, cultural & entertainment program (including "Shalom
Channel News", 
documentary films, short subjects, mini-series, music videos, concerts…) on
the Eutelsat 
satellite Hot Bird 3 (Eutelsat / Hot Bird frequency 12,380 Mhz, V, SR
27500, FEC 3/4, digital 
capacity : France-Télécom / Globcast. After few months, the channel will be
scrambled & 
immediately available upon subscription by satellite on several digital
packages and on the 
main European cable networks. 
Shalom Channel is in negociations with main european digital packages and
cable networks. (TPS / Télévision 
Par Satellite, CanalSatellite & Lyonnaise Câble, in France). In UK, Shalom
Channel  will be avalaible on BSkyB 
digital package in april 1999.

Shalom Channel International S.A.
Maison France-Israël  - 64, avenue Marceau – F-75008 Paris - France
Communication & P.R. Manager : Mr Arnaud KLEIN - Tel. +33/1/
Email : kleintv@club-internet.fr
E-mail : shalomtv@club-internet.fr
Shalom Channel Web Site (logo available) :

Außerdem wurde mitgeteilt, daß 
"Programs (preview - end of 1998) : before the end of 1998, Shalom Channel
will broadcast 
scrambled every day from 11.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. (with an unscrambled
period from 7.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m. 
and repeats from 11.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.), offering to its subscribers a
large variety of "news" programs 
(television news, political interviews, magazines, forums, editorials,
press reviews…), cultural programs 
(documentaries, Jewish memory and traditions, jewish life, languages
teaching, religious talks…) and 
entertainment (talk-shows, variety shows, music, cinema, fictional movies,
sport, youth, shows, games…) all 
on Jewish themes. 

Shalom Channel will also offer the most important events of Israeli
Thematic evenings will give it, every day, a specific tone. Its programs of
French, European and Israeli 
origins, will be broadcasted in several languages (French, English and
Hebrew). "

Weiterhin best Sat-DX, schönen Freitag und schönes Wochenende, mit
freundlichen Grüßen, Norbert 

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