Re: satellite communication replaces modem?

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> Subject: satellite communication replaces modem?
> Date: 04/ÔÚÈÇä/1417 09:53 ã
> Paul,
> The Direct PC is the most well known of the satellite delivery methods.
> you have Ku on your GI setup, then you just need the card, software and
> IP. The drawback is you have to stay on G4. If you are serious about
> regular satellite or spend a lot of time surfing it would be better to
> a little dish. You could pick up one cheaper than DirectPC and use it.
> Remember the fantastic speed is only ONE way. You still have to upload at
> 33 1/3 <g>.

Hi Paul,
 May I have more information about using Direct PC?
 I have C/KU Wide Band LNBs fixed on a 10 fet dish.. I have a Drake 800XTR
Sateillite Reciever wich have a linkage with the PC by a software and
connection cable through LPT port. 
Thanks for help..


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