Telstar 401 and AT&T

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subject:  Telstar 401 and AT&T

Questions:  hi everyone.  another busy day with t401 failing. no immediate cause mentioned by 
AT&T, but suffice to say AT&T has no telemetry with 401. all C and Ku band services
band services are down.  we had 3 c band services on t401 and 1 ku  service - all 24 hours
.....we restored T401-1 c band (tv syndication programming) on GE-1 channel 15,  T401-15 (Exxxtasy Channel) on ANIK E2C channel 9B (channel 18),
T401-23 (True Blue Channel) on ANIK E2C 11B (channel 22).  Our t401-9A channel
has not be restored but we suspect it will be restored on T402R when AT&T gets their
act together.  AT&T has been offered some of our additional C and Ku capacity.
We still have GE-1 channel 23 available (c band), 2 G3Rs (c band) and a Galaxy 6 
(again c band)... hope none of you are affected but this is the tird time in 2 years
I have had to restore major traffic due to satellite outages....the whole
sorry thing probably has made me the king of satellite restoration i've done it
so many times.  anyway - there it is.  bye the bye. AT&T T401 failed at 6:18 EST
Saturday jan 11 and as of 19:51 jan 11 AT&T still report no telemetry
with poor old T401 (i wonder what Space Systems Loral is thinking about having bought
AT&T Skynet now!!!!) *bye*  stuart duncan, pres and ceo, 5d communications,
1-613-737-7333 ext 148, fax 1-613-737-4026

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