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hi there,
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> subject:  Via Satellite in Internet ?
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> Questions:  Dear people,
> is it possible to use the Internet via a setellite dish ?
> I mean, not to use the phone anymore ?

yes, it is _possible_

> If yes, can you explain to a dummie what do I need (hard-, software).

you'd need a VSAT ground station (Very Small Apertur Terminal). 
Development of such systems was started by ESA at about 1990.  I guess 
meanwhile there are others too.

But do NOT expect
to get a solution that's in a price range of consumer products. VSAT systems
have been developed to replace the missing net access in undeveloped regions.
You should expect they will charge you a few dollars per minute linkaccess

> I am living in Berlin and I never used a satelite dish, 

in well developed regions you'd might  expect INTERNET access via cable in
the near future. Reverse channels (for ur mouse clicks etc) are under 
development right now and in use under test conditions in selected areas.

> but I am willing to learn.

depends if you're willing to pay ;-) 

> Thanks in advance
> Marian Stoica
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Detlef Schmidt


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