Re: Surfing in Internet via Satellite ???

On 12 Jan 97 at 19:46, Marian Stoica wrote:
> Questions:  Dear people,
> is it possible to use the Internet via a setellite dish ?
> I mean, not to use the phone anymore ?

AFAIK there are no solutions that eliminate the need for a telephone
short of having your own satellite uplink facility.

However delivery of Interenet content by satellite is not only
possible but is easy to gain access to. You request data (web pages,
files etc.) via a convemtional Internet provider, usually by a
telephone link. However the data is delivered at up to 400kbytes/sec
via the satellite link, not by the phone.

> If yes, can you explain to a dummie what do I need (hard-,
> software). I am living in Berlin and I never used a satelite dish,
> but I am willing to learn.

The service is provided by DirecPC and has been available in the USA
for a year or so and in Europe for few months. DirecPC provide the
satellite dish, receiver and PC card.  Cost in the USA is <$500; in
Europe it is >1100! plus additional charges per megabyte downloaded.

Note that although the downlink from the satellite is high speed the
data must be sent from the data provider to DirecPC via the
conventional Internet. This may not be as slow as some telephone
lines but may also not be anywhere as fast as the satellite link!

For more details:
WWW	http://www.hoteu.com
Email		info@hoteu.com
Tel		+49 6155 844200
or		+44 1908 319101

Hope that helps!

Disclaimer: I have no connection whatsoever with DirecPC!

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