Re: Technisat Software

Dear Jordi,

A technisat site does exist and it's a very simple one:
http://www.technisat.lu, haven'y visited the site, yet. You probably won't
be able to down load the s/w, they marketed an dos or windows version and i
see no reason why they would give away a win 95 version.

And if it's availlable in Germany then it's also availlable in Spain. (EC)



At 17:52 31-05-97 +0200, you wrote:
>Please, help me !
>I have a Technisat Astrastar ADR-DMX Receiver, and I read that
>there is a Win95 software, which enables to connect that receiver
>to a Computer, to read DMX Info.
>After asking the few Technisat dealers based in Spain, some of
>them didn't know anything of it, and some others, told me that
>this software, was only available in Germany.
>One of them told me that he thought that I could get it from a 
>Technisat Web-site.
>It doesn't exist !.

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