RE: Franz. TV in stereo?/Salut Jan!

Salut Jan,

merci beaucoup pour votre aide! :-)

Obviously there are more readers in this mailing list then scribblers...

>I watch French TV regulary on Telecom and on cable, but I'm not convinced that
>French broadcasters are using NICAM on satellite.

As you probably know the old FilmNet-Channels (transmitted via Astra (Tr.11) and 
Eutelsat II-F1 (Tr.34)) used this system to make their signal secure against 
piracy. Concerning NICAM-Digital-Audio I read an article in a german tabloid 
called "Infosat" (or is it called "TechniSat"? ;->) about this topic. They wrote 
there would be a digital carrier in the audio-offset near by the 
J17-Mono-Subcarrier on 5.8 MHz. I'm not sure but it could be the frequency 5.43 

>However, I know for sure that France 2 is using NICAM terrestrially, because it 
>is highlighted on their teletext pages. 

From there I have got my informations too! ;) But only about France2... In the 
TF1-Teletexte you'll find a lot of programs transmitted in (NICAM)stereo just as 
well. (For instance my favourite "La Fureur" et "Taratata"...)

Do you know the "Ophelie-Winter-Show" screened by M6? It was the premiere for 
NICAM on this channel. (First time I saw the fade-in on this show.)

>If you buy a new STEREO TV-set in a small country called "Belgium", it will be

;))) There where the good chocolat comes from? (and the "lekker meisjes"..)

>equiped with both a ZWEI TON Stereo-demodulator (for Dutch and German TV) and
>a NICAM Stereo-demodulator (for Belgian TV and British TV). I use such a
>TV-set from Nokia to watch cable and satellite and it automatically decodes
>NICAM on cable but it does not decode NICAM on satellite (if it excist). 

It isn't possible to receive the German "2-Kanal-Ton" via Satellit directly as 
well as most receiver are unable to pick up the VPS-Label. Because NICAM is a 
digital stream there must be a unit build in in the receiver (like AC-3 but 
that's another thread..). I don't know any receiver which is equipped with this 
feature... ;((
>A Dutch magazine called "Elektuur" (available in Germany as "Elektor" (??)) 
>designed a NICAM-decoder a few years ago with a price tag of around 250 DM.

Yes, this is the exactly name of the magazine!

But I'm afraid I have to buy a digital Receiver to get French TV in stereo.. ;((
Only the TPS (Television par Satellite) provides the terrestrical networks and 
there they are not for free! On the other hand - some stations like FR2 are in 
mono as well as via Telecom 2B, according informations of the french 
Telesatellite-Magazin. (http://www.telesatellite.com)

Best regards back,

Andreas Augner

PS: The only program in french language on german cable is TV5 Int. - french     
    radio isn't available. ;-((( 

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