[SAT-TOPIC]: DMX news (in English)

                          556 ProSieben So 13 Jul 11:02:41
                              XTRA MUSIC Ltd.          1/2

                     Jerry Rubinstein,Chairman of XTRA
                     Music Ltd. (XM), announced today that
                     XTRA Music Ltd. has acquired the
                     rights to the programming of DMX Inc.
                     for several territories, which inclu-
                     de Europe. This programming was form-
                     erly distributed by DMX Europe NV.
                     In addition XM has acquired all of
                     the rights and technologies necessary
                     to allow XM to deliver the program-
                     ming by way of "Astra Digital Radio"
                     (ADR) using the existing tuners manu-
                     factured by several different com-
                     panies.This allows former subscribers
                     to continue using their equiment and
                     "The programming uses experts from
                     all over the world as to introduce
                     expertise from the geographic musical
                     regions", said Jerry Rubinstein.

                          556 ProSieben So 13 Jul 11:04:28
                              XTRA MUSIC Ltd.          2/2

                     "We are looking forward to continuing
                     and expanding the best and the larg-
                     est programmed digital music service
                     in the world."

                     XM will be offering the service in 2
                     to 6 weeks. The service of DMX Europe
                     was shut down officially yesterday.
                     The subscribers will receive bonuses
                     from XM to compensate for interrup-
                     tion of the service. In addition, the
                     full compliment of DMX music channels
                     will be offered over the next several
                     months. Today there are in excess of
                     90 channels. The music ranges from
                     "Acid Jazz" to "Classic Guitar" from
                     "Alternative Rock" to "Schlager"etc.
                     Music for everybody occasion is what
                     the XM service is all about.

Torsten Tuschick

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