> What satellite is it on?  Is KRAL-TV, the other Turkish
> music station, broadcasting full-time on satellite now?

Hallo Maccy, 

Thank you for interest to my email.

Genc Tv is a different one. It broadcasts from 42 Est.
In the same satellite there are also a lot of
turkish station in Pal clear. 

To catch Genc 
You have to tune your mpeg digital receiver to 
frequency 11029 vertical, symbol rate 5999, fec 5/6
video pid 4025, audio pid 4026.

Very near to this one there is also another music
station called Number One, freq. 11023 vert, syrate 3100,
fec 7/8 (press 7 on nokia rx), vpid 4021, apid 4022.
witch reboardcast for great part MTV Europe programs.

Please inform me if you will tune it successfully and if you
can get the sound too because i can se clarely the video
but i can't catch the audio.
For any problems don't esitate to email me.

Best Regards.

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