Hi Peter,

>Thank you for interest to my email.
>Genc Tv is a different one. It broadcasts from 42 Est.
>In the same satellite there are also a lot of
>turkish station in Pal clear. 
Aha, Turksat..

>To catch Genc 
>You have to tune your mpeg digital receiver to 
>frequency 11029 vertical, symbol rate 5999, fec 5/6
>video pid 4025, audio pid 4026.

Sorry, the sad fact is that I don't yet have a digital receiver..
There is not much point here in the UK until the one from
BSkyB comes out later this year hopefully...
> Please inform me if you will tune it successfully and if you
> can get the sound too because i can se clarely the video
> but i can't catch the audio.
> For any problems don't esitate to email me.
The only chance I get to see Turkish TV is when I am
in Cyprus :(  But I still of course take a big interest
in the subject :)  Still stuck in the analogue age I'm afraid...

Best Wishes

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