Re: [SAT-TOPIC]: Amstrad SRX200 Series Decoder Output

Hi Mike,
            I do not know if this will help you,but in the latest What Sat is
a question which you could relate to.If you take a fully wired scart, take
one end of it and mark  it Receiver.Open up the plug and identify pins 18 and
19.Remove the wire to pin 18 and cut it short.Remove the wire to pin 19 and
connect it to pin 18--The MAC baseband signal from an Amstrad comes from pin
18.Replace the scart plug cover and plug the lead back into the receivers
decoder socket and the decoder.Remember to set the decoder to a MAC baseband
input.The Amstrad decoder menu should be left set to PAL or you won't get any
           I hope this sorts your problem.
                                                        Simon Day. 
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