AW: [SAT-TOPIC]: Nix da mit xtra

Hello Domagoj,

I don't think your reasoning abou Xtra is right:
MCE is just broadcasting 30 channels using one Intelsat transponder in
MPEG. They are using another 2 transponters to broadcast the full 45+
channel range in AC-3. Therefore the cost to get 30 channels off an
ASTRA transponder is roughly 8 milion DM per year (current ASTRA full
transponder fee). One ADR subcarrier on Astra is only around 80.000 DM
per year. (Remember that there is no incremental cost to broadcast ADR
subcarriers, it is just a "licence" fee). Using the planned number of 90
channels ADR is nearly 17 milion DM per year cheaper than the MCE
There is still another drawback to the DVB alternative: You won't get an
ASTRA 1A-D transponder for that. This means that you only will get
100.000 to 200.000 households in Europe, instead the 18+ milion
household that receive the analog ASTRA part. Be aware that ASTRA 1D is
up for some time now, but less than 50% have upgraded their reception
equipment to recieve these transponders.
I agree with you that DVB is the future, but ADR is now here to stay for

Taras Sajuk

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	My personal opinion is Xtra won't start because ADR broadcasting
	(transponders) is too expensive for them. As far as I know, MCE
uses just
	one transponder for their approx. 60 channels, and DMX used
several times
	more (I think it was 8 channels per transponder or so). When you
	number of transponders needed by 100 000 US $ /year or so, it is
a sum
	Jerry Rubinstein is not willing to pay. Maybe some day Xtra will
start, but
	in MPEG, not ADR. By that time, MCE with their programmes
tailored to the
	European's taste will have much of the digital audio market in
Europe. Dr.
	Gerhard Höhne in his email of 15. October wrote similar opinion,
but it
	seems the former DMX customers (except me :) ) still wait for
the miracle.
	I have paid about 800 DEM for Radix ADR system, and I consider
it waste
	money. Now I'm looking for some kind of d-box to receive MCE,
but I'm
	confused by large number of very similar models.
	Domagoj Maric
	E-mail: doma@iridis.com
	ICQ UIN: 1155449
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