Re: [SAT-TOPIC]: Xtra, Xtra

At 12:32 07-11-97 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi Taras!
>You have convinced me (and maybe some other guys) ADR is great technology,
>but it's still unclear when (if) Jerry Rubinstein will collect money he
>needs to restart DMX. DMX Europe ended up in debts, and it seems bankers do
>not believe Jerry will succeed this time. Right or wrong this time?
>BTW, anybody there still interested in Xtra or Taras and me just bother you
>with this?
no, this list is the only one with a bit of info on Xtra and I miss DMX.

I really would like to know who will handle subscribtions outside Germany,
if Xtra ever comes alive ? 

I am getting a bit tired of the almost only German speaking ADR-radios, I
have no problems understanding German but would really like the music
without "Verkersstudio", the news and bla, bla talk in between.


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